Theme & Agenda

Background of Forum

· To emphasize the direction of national cooperation to create a clean hydrogen ecosystem and establish an economic structure in virtuous circulation, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050

· To create a driving force in terms of clean hydrogen for building national governance between companies and institutions and for setting up platforms of international cooperation

Green Hydrogen Global Forum

· It represents a venue to announce and share policies for energy transition to the global trend of “clean hydrogen” in Jeju, a leading green hydrogen province in Korea.

Reasons behind selecting the 2023 main theme

· Jeju aims to become a carbon-free island. The theme indicates will to implement an energy transition to green hydrogen in a city that will realize carbon neutrality by 2050 and to discuss international partnerships.

Why Jeju?

① To set up an initiating pattern for Korea's clean hydrogen industry ecosystem

· An ecosystem that commercializes clean (green) hydrogen linked to renewable energy for the first time in the country
② To form a model for expanding renewable energy use to materialize a reasonable energy mix in Korea

· A prototype is required for achieving the 2030 national target and 21.6% of total electricity generation from renewables.

· The Jeju prototype, if widely adopted, can prevent trials and errors in other cities and provinces and, if promptly implemented, can contribute to reaching the NDC target.
③ To become a starting point for designing and operating a new energy market based upon competition and market principles

· Innovative energy utilization guides are to be discovered in alignment with the legislation of 「the Special Act on the Promotion of Distributed Energy」.
④ To innovate regulations and bring about global standards

· Global standards to be drawn through major national projects that started out or are proceeding in Jeju

· Issues requiring institutional improvement and regulatory innovation are to be discovered and resolved.


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